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Environment Restoration

Our environmental restoration core line services include the following;

  • Remediation and Clean-Up Services
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Scoping and Characterization of Contaminated sites
  • Modeling of Contaminant Migration Patterns within Aquifers
  • Hydrological and Hydrogeologogical Investigations
  • Air and Water Quality Monitoring
  • Ancillary Environmental Services

We design site specific clean-up technologies that considers the fragility of the ecosystems within contaminated sites. Our clean-up operations are broken down to these four (4) stage process;

  • Site Inspection and Scoping
  • Identification and Selection of Clean-Up Methodologies
  • Clean-Up Processes
  • Decommissioning and Reporting

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What does BRANT offer?

We undetake the following range of soil remediation technologies

  • Soil washing… classical and non classical
  • Thermal treatment
  • Bioremediation: simple and enhance, on-site or off-site
  • Groundwater Remediation (in situ, ex situ)
  • Microbiological sanitation
  • Bioslurping
  • Bioventing, airsparging
  • Free product (LNAPL) extraction
  • Soil vapour extraction
  • Dual phase extraction
  • Stabilization through cement fixation
“Brant Technologies Limited have successfully and creditably completed oil spill clean-up and soil remediation projects in the Nigerian oil & gas industry.”

Specific Environmental Restoration Services

We undertake various Environmental Impact Studies to ascertain the state-of-the-environment in many localities within the Niger Delta. During these surveys, samples and data are collected (air, soil, sediments, water, vegetation, etc0 and analyzed to establish their physico-chemical properties. The acquired data are compared with baseline information in order to verify the state of the environment.

Prior to the selection of any remediation methodology, we undertake a critical characterization of the site to possess a good understanding of the nature and geology of the contaminated site. The lithostratigraphic profile is ascertained through augering. Depth to water-table determined, porosity/permibility and contaminant migration patters are ascertained and thus a conceptual site model is designed. This clarifies the true profile of the site and by so doing, the appropriate clean-up/remediation methodology is selected and executed.

We have acquired software which we deploy for modeling the migration of contaminants within the site. This is very specialized service that depends on the scope and complexity of the site. It is a compulsory tool in all our remediation projects. The software include; bioscreen, map source, strata and surfer. These give a clear insight into the subsurface environment and how to execute the remediation strategies that we have designed.

We also undertake hydrological and hydrogeological investigations to ascertain the state of surface water resources and their vulnerability to pollution from organic and inorganic chemical released from effluents or chemical spills. Aquifer characterization and groundwater monitoring is our specialty.

We establish the air quality within a particular vicinity/contaminated site. We have acquired the Data Ram 4 for this specialized service. Thus we can determine the level of particulates within the air and hence ascertain the ambient air quality. Similarly, ground and surface water samples are usually collected and analyzed for concentrations of the various physico-chemical and biological parameters.

The Result

Our remediation/clean up technologies and methodologies are all geared towards environmental restoration

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